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                   The Hunt Club

Located on 12,860 contiguous, pristine acres in southern Illinois, The Hunt Club is owned by Ron Doering and his wife, Jill Cooke and is managed exclusively for wildlife and wildlife habitat. Over 30 years ago Ron conceived the idea that has gradually grown into the reality of The Hunt Club. Ron is a true visionary in that he saw, before most of us did, the vanishing days of hunting like when he set out with his father and brothers. With this vision, and his experiences hunting as a youngster and then as an adult at private hunting lodges, Ron set out to re-create a space for hunting and enjoyment of the outdoors that was as close to his experiences in the "good ole days" as was possible. Under Ron's stewardship and leadership, the lands and waters of The Hunt Club have developed into some of the most productive and scenic game-rich lands in Illinois.

JD Outfitting

Dan Cross has owned JD Outfitting since 1998 but has been a hunting guide for more years than he can count. JD Outfitting is based in Northwest Kansas and offers archery deer and turkey hunts, muzzle loader mule deer and whitetail deer hunts, rifle whitetail deer hunts and pheasant hunts. Dan leases nearly 25,000 acres located in units 1,2,3, & 4 near Ellis, Kansas. For like seven years Full Draw Adventures have been going and taking truly Monster Bucks.

Rush Creek Adventures 

Rush Creek Adventures not only has excellent hunting opportunities but the lifestyle is rural and unhurried. The quiet beauty of the sunrises and sunsets are only interrupted in the Fall by the sound of migratory birds in flight. Rush Creek Adventures and outfitters can make arrangements for you. Check out Crane Grove accommodations which is close to the hunting blinds. Hunting and outdoor provisions can be found at Cabela's in the nearby city of Sidney. Your hunting license will dictate where you will hunt in Nebraska’s Panhandle Region. Rush Creek Adventures and outfitters can help provide the rest. Explore our site, browse the Photo Gallery, study our Hunt information, and then call us or email us so that we can answer your questions and provide you with a scouting report!

Ken Tenn Hunting
Western Kentucky Trophy Deer & Turkey Hunts. Father & Son Christian Outfitter- We have Bow, ML, & Gun hunts available,         (731) 699-6161
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      Ken Tenn Hunting
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